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TV terror Tuesday-Night Court

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Halloween, too


Harry is planning his annual Halloween party which includes costumes, games and lots of decorations. Christine is excited about it because she doesn’t know any better. Bull tries to make a jack o’lantern by punching. Dan is told by Harry that he needs to were a costume to the party this year or he will lose his great parking spot. So everything is shaping up for the party then Harry runs into Kim and boom preparations for the holiday turns into a bunch of mush. Harry and Kim fall in love fast and do a bunch of silly junk together while making everyone else sick -bleccccccchhhhh. Then Kim is arrested and comes before Harry in court because she’s a witch.  Which? No, witch. This is her lifestyle, her passion, her uh role for this show. A sleezoid reporter is roaming the building and everyone is afraid he will write something about Harry and Kim the witch that will affect Harry’s job. So they try to dodge the reporter. Harry tries to sway Kim from being a witch blah, blah, blah. She can’t give up being a witch so they go their own ways. At the end we finally get to Harry’s party. Harry is sad because he and witchypoo had to part ways, but now we get to see everyone in costume which provides some of the biggest laughs of the episode. Roll those 1980’s TV credits.


The negatives-The main storyline with Kim is really average at best. Only the nasty reporter chasing them adds much to it.

The positives-It’s early third season and this is the season where I think the show was coming into it’s own.  The chemistry between the characters was really starting to come together at this point. The Halloween costumes, decorations and the glimpses of Harry’s love for the holiday are all worth seeing.

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