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First fright Friday-Lady Frankenstein



I’d been wanting to see this film for some time. Not because I heard it was any good, in fact I’ve largely heard the opposite. However it is a gothic horror about Frankenstein that was made in the early 1970’s so all of those aspects appeal to me. So I finally got around to watching it, but when it came time reviewing it I was hesitant to try to decipher the plot. While it starts out with sort of a story it quickly goes in other directions. Plus I’m lazy so I’ll do this one as a list.

Ten things I learned from this film.

1-Dr. Frankenstein can actually be killed rather by a monster.

2-Dr. Frankenstein didn’t want his daughter to take up the family business.

3-He must have wanted her to be something practical rather than being a mad scientist.

4-The old Dr. Frankenstein didn’t have an eye for beauty judging by the monster he made.

5-Even an old lab assistant may have a chance with a young woman…if he’s willing to have his brain transplanted.

6-Killing a slow dude while he’s making love is apparently an okay practice in the mad scientist business.

7-Simple, out of control monsters seem to have a pretty good sense of direction.

8-Grave robbers seem to be a dime a dozen or whatever the going rate is.

9-Morals have no place in the world of mad science.

10-Apparently a guy mad scientist does his business in the lab while a woman does it in the bedroom or something like that.

Overall is was worth seeing, but just expect it to fall apart and make less sense as it goes along.



LadyFrankenstein1 lady-frankenstein-rosalba-neri lf


2 responses to “First fright Friday-Lady Frankenstein

  1. I have to agree, the film is not as good as the title would have you think. I own it but I only watched it once, maybe I’ll give it another watch for Halloween. (PS. I think you’re missing a word in your first sentence of the post)

  2. Thanks. It has some potential early on, but it never quite does enough to be that interesting.

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