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What to watch on Halloween


I first started picking something to watch on Halloween in maybe the mid-1990’s and not too surprisingly it was the first Halloween. I pulled out the VHS tape oh maybe three years in a row on Halloween. Then around 1999 I switched over to watching the 1931 Dracula every years on the holiday for maybe six or seven years. Since then I have not had as much of a ritual of watching the same film every year on Halloween. I watch some kind of kid’s Halloween special like Peanuts, Garfield or something with my kids. Then once they go to bed I may put something in although some recent years I may not have seen anything due to getting the kids in bed and then needing to get in bed early to get up for work early. This year I don’t have work on Novemebr 1st, but the kids do have soccer playoffs with the first starting at the ungodly and likely frigid time of 8:00 AM-yikes. I have a number of films I’d like to watch on Halloween and a number of horror films I have but have not yet seen. So at some point I have to decide what to watch on Halloween.

***Do you watch a certain movie on Halloween? If so then what is it?


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

7 responses to “What to watch on Halloween

  1. I always watch a couple of spooky films on Halloween. I like a mix of old and new. Last year I watched Night of the Demon and Carpenter’s The Thing, two of my fave films. Haven’t decided for this year yet. Maybe Bride of Frankenstein and Sleepy Hollow. Enjoy your Haloween 😀

    • In recent years I think I’ve watched some Hammer films, a couple of Godzillas, King Kong and others. Last year I think we watched the Creature from the black lagoon to go along with the cake I made. This year my kids are split on me making a jack o’ lantern cake and a Dracula one. So I may have make both and then maybe we’ll have to watch a Dracula movie.

  2. This year I’m going with A&C’s Hold That Ghost (I’ve been watching A&C meets Frankenstein for several years and decided it’s time for a change.) I also watch a bunch of TV shows and specials as I had mentioned in my blog last year around this time 🙂

  3. Of course you cannot go wrong with the classic Halloween (Carpenter’s version). Even though I am not of that era, I still love classics like Disney’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow and one of my absolute Halloween favorites, Mad Monster Party. Hocus Pocus is usually in there as well (nostalgia from my generation, saw that one in the theater as a kid).

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