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Halloween activities

Friday we went to the Halloween party we have been going to for years that’s at a local Fire Hall. They have a costume contest, a magic show, pizza and treat bags. It was awesome as always. My kids went as a chimp and a ninja this year.


Yesterday the largest town in our county had trick or treating at local stores on main street. That was followed by a Halloween parade. They have the parade every year but  always on a week day and it always seem to hit when we had something else going on, but this year we went. The trick or treating was cool and lots of shops participated. The town library did some haunted rooms for the first time and extended their hours. This is not the library that I work but it’s in the same system. The kids went through it once before the parade on once after. Wish we’d gotten some clearer pictures of the parade but here you go.

Tine and Bongo

My daughter waiting for the parade to start. The local music shop across the street was blasting Halloween themed songs before the parade like Ghostbusters, Thriller and others.


One of our favorites were the three guys dressed as a gorilla, Luigi and a giant banana who were riding little motorcycles around and doing wheelies. Here’s the gorilla.



Lots of people entered in their homemade costumes. Here are some Lego people.



This picture doesn’t do this group justice. It was a baton twirling troupe of about 30 kids and a couple of instructors all dressed as Wizard of Oz characters. Note the character on the far left is Toto. Being that the Wizard is my favorite film of all time I thought this was great.

Other parade entries of note was a Zombie baton twirling troupe. There was a local high school band playing the Addams family theme and everyone in that group got to pick their own costume so they had everyone in there from Darth Vader to Waldo (of Where’s Waldo fame) to the Cookie Monster. There was a cub scout group of twenty some kids and their leaders all dress in Teenage mutant ninja turtle characters.


These above pics are from the haunted rooms at the library which was designed and put together by teen volunteers. They had a ghostly checkout desk, a body parts room, a crime scene, a really creepy doll bedroom, a giant bat, a spider web, lots of skulls, rats as well as  people dressed as Freddy Krueger and a headless guy. They did a great job.



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4 responses to “Halloween activities

  1. What a great Halloween party & parade 😀

  2. A little late to this party… but I loved reading about your Halloween. 🙂

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