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Sleepy Hollow Sundays-The legend of Sleepy Hollow




I nose what I’m doing.


It chops, it dices, the headless horseman swordawhacker does it all!

So this Ichabod Crane fellow is the new school teacher. He also loves food, money and music plus he has a tendency to draydream and has aspirations of being more than just a teacher. Wait, this isn’t the dating game, what else is going on here. Well there’s this Brom Bones guy who talks loud and gives beer to dogs and horses (yes, he really did that). He likes this girl Katrina who has tiny feet and a love for umbrellas plus her old daddy has money. Now Brom Bones liked Karina too and uh wait maybe this is the dating game. Anyways Ichabod has eyes for Katrina and apparently her money. She returns the attention although it’s implied by the narrator that she may be doing this to make Brom jealous. Wait a minute is this horror story or a soap opera? Ichabod Crane shows us that it’s okay to keep chicken legs in your coat pocket and sit on a cake although not at the same time. Brom tries to get at Ichabod, but ole Icky is smooth and lucky enough to beat Brom multiple times. At the Halloween party the school teacher appears like he will win over Katrina. Brom spies that Ichabod has a fear for bad luck and spooks. So Brom tlaks up a tale of a headless horseman and shakes Icky up. Crane has to ride home through the woods after the party and he is all nerves now. So he heads out on the goofiest looking horse ever. It’s all going fine until the headless horseman shows up..hooray some action! He chases Ichabod on the meanest looking horse’s he sees to navigate? Oh anyways Ichabod believes is he gets to the other side of the covered bridge he’ll be safe. He goes through a crazy chase and makes it only to have a flaming pumpkin thrown at him kaboom! The next day they found the busted pumpkin and Crane’s hat, but nothing else. Brom and Katrina got hitched. Some say Ichabod survived and married a wealthy widow somewhere else, but others say the horseman got him wahahahaha!


I think I just wet my self.


The negatives-Not so much.

The positives-For me even though it clocks in a mere 34 minutes this is still the best movie/show version of this story. The songs and narration by Bing Crosby are great. The animation is very well done in particular the use of shadows in fact any horror film could learn a thing or too from watching this one. Just a classic that still stands up as a great piece of visual storytelling.


Take that, Brom Bones!

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