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TV terror Thursday-Green Acres

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The ballad of Molly Turgis


Mr. Douglas and Eb get into a conversation about folk songs and zzzzzz oh wait I better wake up and hope the episode gets better. Eb starts to tell Mr. Douglas about a legend of a person named Molly Turgis not Turdgis because the second one would stink. Anyways Eb says her name and a lantern breaks and says he shouldn’t have said her name. Mr. Douglas says her name and a pitchfork falls behind them although they didn’t see it. Mr. Douglas goes on to his wife Lisa about his folk songs blah, blah, blah. Later at Drucker’s store Mr. Douglas mentions Molly Turgis and boom a pickle barrel falls apart. Mr. Douglas wants to know the story of Molly Turgis, but no one wants to tell him. He sings some of his folk songs in the living room about people being beaten and killed and stuff-real uplifting toe tappers don’t you know. Meanwhile he says her name while shaving in front of the mirror and an old hag appears only in the mirror and then quickly vanishes. Finally Mr. Douglas finds out that Molly Turgis lived around the area 100 years ago and was so ugly that she was run out of town, but she vowed to come back and haunt the area. Mr. Douglas keeps saying her name and causes more damage. He tells the story of Molly to his wife Lisa. Lisa calls for Molly through the mirror and offers to do her hair and skin to make her look better if she promises to stop haunting people. Meanwhile Mr. Douglas decides to write a folk song (or solk fong as the ongoing joke in the episode goes) about Molly and he has no fear of saying her name now since Lisa said Molly promised no more haunting. So Mr. Douglas sings his song. Meanwhile Molly shows up slightly less hideous and in non-spirit form to thank Lisa and ask to do one more trick. She then causes Mr. Douglas to get whacked on the head by his own guitar. He kind of had it coming since he called Molly ugly as sin multiple times in his song.


The negatives- No Monroe brothers in this one, they are always a hoot.

The positives-This was a quirky often crazy show and this episode is part of that. I like the idea of a legend come to life in this one.



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