Haunted Tent

As promised here are some pics from the haunted tent both during the day and at night with lights. Hope it looks like something. It was fun to do.

Trust me Baby Alive looked a lot creepier at night with a minimum of light on her.


The creepy doll and the body parts table.

Enter if you dare


Zombie at the entrance.


The tent and outside lights and other pieces.


The evil doll, body part table and the bat cage to the side.


The phantom in the dead flower bed-a $2 mask, old sweatshirt, graduation gown and a broken lamp with shade.


The kids getting a sneak peak.


Zombie entrance greeter in daylight-$1 mask plus old clothes and some lights.


Zombie guy further away and cobwebs.


Creepy camper-sleeping bag, lantern, plastic rats in front of him and the camper is made from the body of swamp monster costume my son had when he was like five plus an old pumpkin mask. The body is stuffed with clothes while the head is filled with plastic bags. I used a box and a brick to prop him up, you know real state of the art stuff. DSC05207

Same guy at night.


Old Baby Alive doll with an old piece of black cloth on plus $2 skull and lots of rubber and plastic body parts off on the parts table including eyes, fingers, hands and also some cockroaches and other bugs as well. The bat cage on the side was a hamper with two bats one a puppet and one rubber with both batsstrung up inside and a mini-strobe light under neath. Yes, it was done on the cheap, but fun and turned out pretty well for just a couple hours of work including setting up the tent.

Halloween and the day after


Oh November 1st one of my least favorite days of the year because the big holiday has come and gone. Candy corn hangovers set in and the once glorious jack o lantern starts to droop a little . Plus all the stores are already pushing to start setting up for Christmas and they whisk Halloween stuff off their shelves. So bye bye rubber masks and plastic skulls. However it was a great Halloween. I set up haunted tent for the kids (pics coming some time soon), we carved the pumpkin and watched the Great Pumpkin. I used to get real down on this day because Halloween was over, but now I just look forward to next year and right away start watching all the horror movies I intended to watch in October but didn’t.