How to know you are dealing with a space vampire


This list is based on the movies and films that I am way behind in reviewing this week.

1-People you knew now have rotted chests.

2-Healthy people die with round marks on their faces.

3-The guy who was just there got turned into a dried out husk of a human.

4-You watched a video where an invisible intruder throttles a dude.

5-Fellow crewmembers attack you for no reason.

6-A guy with a big uni-brow pops up out of nowhere.

7-Three different people look at one woman and they all see her as a different person.

8-A doctor says these dead people aren’t really dead.

9-People you once know start stealing parts of your spaceship so that you cannot leave the planet.

10-These “people” walk around naked and bullets don’t phase them.


I am doubling up Thursday with two reviews coming at you so stop by.