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No this doesn’t mean I need to go do a number two .. at least not yet. However a notice popped up on my blog today to inform me that it is the anniversary of when I started this blog. I know that it was two years ago. To everyone who has been reading my blog I thank you for putting up with my poorly written hooey and corny humor. To celebrate the event I’m planning or cranking out some reviews of some second films in series. I’ll aim to review Hellboy 2, Critters 2 and Creepshow 2 this week.

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  1. theipc ⋅

    Time for a doody??


  2. andrewjdavis1973 ⋅

    Congrats on two years Mark!

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  3. Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary for your blog 😀

  4. Congratulations! Here’s to another two!

  5. Abbi ⋅

    Happy blogiversary!

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