Critters 2-The main course



The most 80’s looking intergalatic  bounty hunters ever!


Here’s a turkey for you to feast on. This film does take place around a holiday, but it’s Easter rather than Thanksgiving. I know that if I found weird looking eggs that I would color them and try to pass them as Easter eggs. Actually no I wouldn’t, but some silly small town types do just that in this film. They might call it a plot device, but I would refer to it as stupid. Meanwhile out in space the bounty hunters from the first film along with former town drunk Charlie are told that there are more Crites (those nasty Critters) left on Earth. So they make a U-turn and head their space craft back to our little ole planet. The new Sheriff dresses as an Easter Bunny, but is attacked by the recently hatched Crites. He gets his man parts bitten and goes crashing through the window of the Church during Easter Sunday services. Yeah that won’t have a lasting impression on any small children in attendance. The kid that survived the first Crites attack tries to convince everyone else what is going on. They don’t believe him. The bounty hunters show up with one of them changing into a nudie woman and later a nerdy guy and eventually gets killed. That last part might have needed a spoiler alert, but most of you probably gave up watching the film and caring before that point. Eventually the town and the bounty hunters unite to fight these second rate Gremlins. Their plan to lure the Crites into the diner with burgers and blow them up fails as the Crites roll away from the flaming explosion as a big ball of chomping death, however it did likely make the air smell like a big cookout. Then Charlie devices a brilliant well though out solution – that’s right he crashes his ship into the Critter ball and kills them kablooie! Charlie however survives whether we like it or not. The other  alien is picked up by another ship or maybe it’s a space taxi and he’ll have a big bill when he gets back to his planet. The main characters talk some more yack, yack, yack and the main teens kiss-smoooooooooch. This film lost money so it’s a good thing as now they won’t make a sequel unless they discover the straight to video market-oh crap I think they went that route. Roll the credits.


I paid money to see puppet eating salad?

The negatives-The first film was like an update of a 50’s alien invasion film and this one tries to capture that feel as well, but this one feels far more forced. Despite having more action the second half of the film is hard to make it through. It’s hard to root for characters when they are not all that likable.

The positives-It gives you a horror film to watch for at Easter. I think they’d tried to catch the feel of the previous film and at times they do, but at times it just feels like not enough is going on.

I saw this when it first came out in 1988 and I kind of liked it then, but now I just think it falls short.

Critters 2 1

There’s goes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny meet his doom.

Upcoming junk and stuff


Happy Thanksgiving! For about the last six years the evening before Thanksgiving at my house we eat a dinner of the above items. Peanuts fans will recognize it as the foods Snoopy served on the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and we eat this while we watch that special. I hope to have a Critters 2 review out some time today as I did watch it yesterday and then Hellboy 2 on Friday. Robin’s Holy exclamations will happen Sunday and hopefully Dr. Smith will finally return next week. One of the reasons I started this blog was to help urge myself to watch more of the films I have never seen that are laying around my house. I have not done as much of that recently so next week I’ll aim to get at least two reviews of films I’ve never seen up on the blog. Last year I started a segment called Saturday morning flashback and I reviewed a few episodes of the Star Trek cartoon. I hope to bring that segment back soon and it may be reviews of specific episodes of old Saturday morning shows or it may be my memories or general overviews of some of those cartoons or shows. Whatever the case since Saturday morning cartoons are now a thing of the past I hope to get that segment going soon and hopefully be consistent enough to keep it going. I hope to include sci-fi, super hero, fantasy and action cartoons and live action shows from the 60’s through the 80’s in this feature.

Take care!