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Saturday morning Flashback -Ark 2

tv_01 ark_2

On this show pollution caused great problems for our planet. By the 25th century only a handful of scientists are still around. They have created this vehicle/storage unit for scientific knowledge called Ark 2 and they ride around looking to survivors and try to bring a new future to mankind. The crew consists of commander Jonah, second in command Ruth, teenager Samuel and chimp Adam. They normally run in some kind of trouble, then Jonah whips out his backpack and they wrap up the problems  and leave some kind of hope wherever they’ve been. They also had a smaller four wheeled vehicle the Roamer that they would pull out of the Ark 2 on occasions as well. Only 15 episodes were made of this half hour series in late 1976. However CBS kept  repeating those episodes until late summer of 1979. I wasn’t a regular watcher of this although I do remember seeing episodes years apart due to those repeats and was surprised when I found out years later that it was only 15 episodes. I’d almost forgotten about this show all together until I bought some old Starlog magazines like 14 years ago and saw an article on it from back in 1976. I bought the set some years back on DVD and finally got to see all of them. It’s a kid’s show so the action and any science are very limited. The vehicle is likely the real star of the show and it’s pretty to cool watch rolling across the countryside. Like other Filmation shows they borrowed sound effects form the original Star Trek series. It’s a decent enough light kind of show. Eventually I’ll review some specific episodes of this show on this feature.



2 responses to “Saturday morning Flashback -Ark 2

  1. drhumpp

    Never even heard of this. For the most part, the Saturday mornings of my youth were dominated by 80s cartoons. As I got older, I would rematch the movie I had rented Friday night.

    Was this typical of what was on Saturday morning in the mid 70s?

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