’80’s arcade games-Bad dudes vs. Dragon Ninja




This is a side scrolling fighting-action game that can be for one or two players. President Ronnie has been kidnapped! Oh, dear so muscle shirt wearing Blade and Striker are asked to go and rescue him using their fists, their kicks and any weapons they pick up along the way. You fight a lot of ninjas (duh) and each level has a boss at the end. On the final level you fight all the previous bosses again and the big boss who is trying to escape via helicopter. After each level you complete you get to hear the heroes proclaim “I’m bad!”. The levels include a woods, a cave, a moving  truck and more. There was a diner I’d go to on occasion in the late 80’s to get great milkshakes  and that’s where I first played this game. I never got too good at it then, but I certainly liked it due to the action, the villains and I thought the graphics were pretty good for the time. This game is in a scene in the movie Parenthood with Steve Martin and you see the cabinet of it briefly in Robocop 2. The ninjas kind of remind me of the Foot clan from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This game was probably influenced by Double Dragon, but I prefer Bad Dudes. In recent years I got the Data East collection for the Wii that had this game and a number of others. I played it every so often with my kids and we always enjoy it. I think the game is similar to what action movies were in that time and I am certainly a fan of corny 80’s action flicks so it follows that I would enjoy this game. If anyone knows of why that running flame guy pictured below is in this game from time to time please enlighten me because it makes no sense to me.