Top five space suits in movies

As with space ships and laser guns the space suit is a true thing of beauty if done right in a sci-fi film. Some times it’s the same old white or great NASA type suit. However there are a few standouts. Here are my top five.



5-Star Trek-First Contact (1996)

When I thought Trek space suits I first thought of Kirk and Spock in the STTMP, but the more I looked at this suits the worse they looked. However these suits from First Contact had a slightly differently shaped helmet from most, a streamlined suit and they looked good in a fight.


4-Red Planet (2000)

This movie has some problems, but the space suits were not one of them. They are armored on the chest, flexible on the joints and the colors are awesome. I for one love a blue space suit over the usual choices of white or grey.



3-Planeta Bur (Planet of storms) (1962)

This Russian film was edited several times for American versions with different titles. Still those grey suits with the huge bubble helmet and great looking chest plate are way cool.


2-2001: A space odyssey (1968)

This is a bit of an iconic look and granted the suit is helped by great sets and lots of lighting. However the face plate, the bright orange suit and that yellow chest plate/pack make this one one to remember.

prometheus (2)

1-Prometheus (2012)

Like Red Planet the film itself has real problems, but visually it’s stunning. The space suits in particular are wonderful. The huge bubble helmets, the semi-armored suits and just the whole overall look should make anyone want to wear it. I wouldn’t want to go where they went, but I’d love to strap on one of those space suits.


There you go.