Square Pegs-Pac-Man fever

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Video games are brought in to the school’ s cafeteria. Much to the delight of school spirit person Muffie Tepperman all proceeds going to the school’s adopted Guatemalan child. They quickly bring in Asteroids, Star Castle and Pac-Man. Marshall dazzles the others with his gaming skills as obviously no one else has talent or quarters and they stand around oohing and ahhing at Marshall. Marshall begins to lose his desire to be a comic, good because he’s not that funny however he begins to be obsessed with video games. Meanwhile Vinnie gets mad because he can’t beat Marshall at Pac-Man. This ticks off Vinnie’s like you know girlfriend Jennifer because she is getting no attention from him. So Lauren and Patty try get Marshall off video games by getting him to play board games which fails miserably. So Johnnie calls in Father Sarducci to do an exorcism on Marshall since he is possessed by video games ?! Sarducci gets Marshall to think about comedy again and he is cured. Meanwhile Jennifer goes to Vinnie’s uncle because he is renting the video games to the school. She tells him that Vinnie is becoming a dummy from playing the video games so that’s it he pulls games from the school. So Marshall and Vinnie are back to normal, but Muffie is mad about the loss of funs. At the local hangout Lauren is ready to get sucked in by Ms. Pac-Man and here we go again. Roll credits.

Gaming stuff-We see four video games in this episode-Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-man, Asteroids and Star Castle. Marshall is reading what looks like a Donkey Kong guide at one point. Lauren makes a reference to Asteroids. Marshall tells a guy who stinks at Pac-Man something like he should stick to Pong.

I liked this short lived show a lot, but this one was merely decent. Possibly mostly because Marshall was one of the weaker characters on the show. This one does have it’s moments and the appearances of classic video games and board games is always cool.

8o’s arcade games-Wizard of wor

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Oh, yeah. Who says all maze games have to be about cute little dot grabbing critters? This early 80’s game combined a maze and fantasy elements as well as being a shooter. You have a gun toting guy and try to kill monsters that get faster with each level and some can even turn invisible. It can be played asĀ  one or two player game. If you play as one player the other worrior guy still goes after the monsters as well. It works a lot better when you can play it with a friend because those monsters get fast when they are in there for a long time and it’s to get them when you got three coming it you changing visibility as they go along. I used to play this with a friend at our favorite arcade back around 82-83. The wizard taunts you in his electronic voice as you go along. Today the graphics look very basic and the sound effects are just okay, but it’s still fun and a real challenge. The speed of the game , the open areas and the amount of monsters makes this a tough game. It’s also showed up on collection for newer systems in recent years. I would have loved to have seen a B film adaption of this game as a sort of space age sorcery type blend.