80’s arcade games-Bosconian

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Outer space games are a huge genre and the 80’s saw their share of this style of game. Bosconian was a free roaming, multi-directional space shooter game-yeah say that fives real fast. What that means is you could float around a lot. The goal was to blow up all the enemy space┬ástations in a quadrant. there are other smallers ships trying to get you too. The spaces stations each had six circular parts on the outside that you could destroy, but to destroy the whole base you had shoot into the middle of the ship when it opened to release a torpedo. So timing was everything in this game. You had to be in position and zip in and shoot to blow it up. Each level had more stations and you had to zoom around to find them. This was definitely a game that took some time to beat with all the maneuvering you had to do. It was and still is fun and challenging. The graphics are decent too for the time. Both Time Pilot and Sinistar have some similarities to this one and both those games came out a year later. I remember playing this game a few times at my favorite arcade, but have played it some at home in more recent years. Seeing the ad above makes me wish I had gotten to play a tabletop version of this game, that would have been cool.