Ten things I learned from The Munsters Scary little Christmas

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So just over a year after “Here come the Munsters” came out there was another made for TV Munsters film with a totally different cast. This time they are taking on Christmas.

10-It’s the 90’s and the rest of the Munsters still think Marilyn is ugly.

9-Grandpa is from the old country but apparently that must mean New York because that’s how he talks.

8-If vampires can be real then I guess so can Santa.

7-Elves are really nasty dudes just waiting for a chance to goof off and cause trouble.

6-Even wolf boys get depressed.

5-Some bullies are brave enough to bully wolf boys who have a Frankenstein monster as a dad.

4-Making a Christmas display with heads being lopped off can be seen as art.

3-Some people still think the Munsters are always dressed for a costume party.

2-Santa always hasĀ a spare giant Santa suit handy in case someone like Herman wants to go along.

1-Only the nosy neighbor will freak out when it only snows on the Munsters yard.


There you go. A decent film for what it is. Don’t expect it to be like the classic show, but it has some laughs.