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Night Court-Santa goes downtown

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It’s well after Christmas and a drunk (legendary character actor Jeff Corey) is brought in to the court for trespassing. He’s dressed in a dirty Santa suit and claims to be the one and only Santa Claus. What kind of nutbar are you? No one believes him, but they can’t get anything else on who he really he is. He still keeps going on about being Santa and even says a few things that he shouldn’t know unless he were more than a wino. Meanwhile a young couple of runaways (a pre-Back to the future Michael J. Fox and Olivia Barash) won’t tell who they really are so they are being held as well.  Michael J. Fox plays a real hothead and he is rude to everyone particularly the maybe or maybe not Santa. A file is brought to Harry saying the names of the two young people and the wino Santa asks Harry to let him see the names and he will pretend to the couple that he knows who they are because he is Santa so they can believe in him. He does and after a rough go around Eddie and Mary (the couple’s revealed names) break down and admit they ranaway and Eddies thanks Santa for believing in him. However around this time it’s  revealed that Santa is really a runaway from a looney bin and  he runs away from there every year before Christmas only to be found in early January. That’s it. Oh wait, I forget to mention that ….

A-The folder they gave Santa was the wrong one so he did not learn the runaway’s names from it yet he knew their names.

B-Santa escaped from the asylum employee again.

C-A reindeer showed up in the building.

Roll the credits.

So we get a Christmas related episode set after Christmas. Thanks to Jeffy Corey and Michael J Fox it’s a pretty good one. This is actually only the second episode of Night Court so the main characters are still being established. However the theme here of faith in others works well and allowed the cast to react and really begin showing that this wasn’t going to be just your usual sitcom. I watch this one every year around Christmas.


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