Ten things I learned from Sharknado 2: The second one


1-When a Sharknado happens once people aren’t surprised that it would happen again.

2-People in an airplane can be attacked by flying CGI sharks-even Will Wheaton.

3-Losing your hand to a shark doesn’t seem to hurt as bad as you may think.

4-Mets fans aren’t that surprised by a shark filled tornado coming into the stadium or maybe they were just glad for the game to end early.

5-Jared from Subway frequently sits in the Subway station eating a sandwich from Subway.

6-You can get bit on the butt if you turn your back on a subway shark.

7-Many people who battle sharknadoes seem to have had scary plastic surgery on their faces.

8-Cutting a giant shark with a massive chainsaw looks a lot easier than you think it would.

9-Newspeople are less shocked than anyone else by storms filled with sharks and they are more prepared to fight them.

10-Billy Ray Cyrus is as bad at playing a doctor as he was at trying to be a singer.


The negatives-If you saw the first one or you looked at the title of this film before starting it then you know what you are in for. This one doesn’t even try to explain what’s going on very well because if you are watching it then you have accepted it’s craziness. There are lots of cameos and about as many bad ones as there are good ones. Billy Ray Cyrus, Jared from Subway, Downtown Julie Brown? Don’t care. The GCI might actually be worse this time around or it may be that they are just trying more unbelievable acts with the storms and sharks. Even though she misses most of the movie due to having her hand bit off Tara Reid still manages to suck the life out of every scene she’s in and Mark McGrath isn’t much better.

The positives-If you wanted sharks and tornadoes then you get plenty of them. The pace is steady so boredom shouldn’t be a problem unless you count being bored by too many storms and sharks. Will Wheaton is in this film for a minute or too before being killed by a shark-whether you like him alive or dead is up to you but I was glad to see him here. How in the  world did Judd Hirsch get pulled into this? A real actor in a film like this? He must have been hard up, but he shines as of course a New York taxi driver. Kurt Angle isn’t bad in his cameo as a fire chief. As bad as Tara Reid is in boths, I actually think that Ian Ziering is surprisingly alright. Probably because he excepts the role for it’s total insanity and stupidity and just goes with the flow.


In the end it wasn’t as fun as the first one. It was much more self aware and having everyone in on the joke from the beginning doesn’t work as well (for me) as trying to act like this ridiculous story is real as the first one did to a greater extent. If you liked the first one at all then give this one a shot. The third one has been announced so you have been warned.