Upcoming junk and stuff


I probably won’t be posting tomorrow so Happy New Year’s a day early! I hope to review Guardians of the Galaxy on Friday. I’ve thought about feature to continue, start or bring back for 2015. I’ve settled on three. Robin’s Holy Exclamations will start back up hopefully weekly as will 80’s arcade games. It came from the bargain bin will appear hopefully twice a month. Apart from those I will continue with the usual barely written reviews, occasional lists and assorted rants and such.

Of course playoffs are this weekend so I plan on being busy watching those. Although my team has a bye this week (Denver). Should be some good games, but my feeling is all the home teams win this week.

I don’t get many TV channels as we don’t have cable and once TV went digital we lost most of our network channels. However the other day our This channel (crap) suddenly had ME tv (solid) and what had been ME tv suddenly had Cozi tv. We never had Cozi before but that means now we’ll get the Six Million dollar man, The Bionic Woman, Knight Rider, Zorro, Magnum PI and other classic shows. So I am pretty excited about that, probably more excited than anyone else in my house.

Take care!