Ten things I learned from Cosmos-War of the planets


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1-Punching another officer is a good way to get a promotion.

2-Skin eating acid can be clear and invisible.

3-Tight red caps with silver circles on the ears don’t look good on anyone.

4-In the future sex will be done with your clothes and it will be very dull.

5-All stars look the same-tiny little all white, round spots. Yawn.

6-Walking into an unknown portal is a good idea and bring you co-workers.

7-If a lighted radiator comes out you-run because it’s out to kill you.

8-Higher up officers at space base don’t have chairs so they have to walk around a lot.

9-Getting smacked by an alien will cause  ketchup blood to come out of your head.

10-Gold aliens with pointy ears are not to be trusted.

This Italian space opera was directed by Alfonso Brescia. He actually made four space flicks between 1977-78. All four were made to cash in on Star Wars and they are all pretty hard to take. It’s like he had some shiny suits, some plastic space crafts, a black sheet for a space background and he said “hey, let’s make a space movie”, but wouldn’t he need a script? I guess he just made that part up as they went along. This movie might be one of his worst because it has less action and more annoying music.

So let’s go to my newly invented stink-o-meter.

Did this movie stink as bad as Al Bundy’s feet?



Or did it stink as much as Shrek spraying himself with a skunk?


I think I’d go with the feet. It’s more of a gradual stink than and immediate blasting stench.

There you go.


80’s arcade games-Elevator action

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I played this game at my local arcade back around 1983-84 as well as a local pool that I went to play video games every once in a while.The game always seemed to be open yet friends I talked to at school all played it. Being a fan of spy films and shows I loved it with quick moving avoid the bad guys action. I recall so into it I was probably moving my whole body as I made my character move and duck, I likely looked like a total freak playing this game. I always thought it had a very smooth flow to it compared to a lot of other games from the time. I have not played it since like 1985 so I don’t know what I’d think of it today, but I have a feeling I’d still enjoy it.