Warriors of the wasteland AKA: The New Barbarians: Warriors of the Wasteland

wwpfw   warriors-wasteland-mohawk

1983 according to the case and 1984 according to IMDB

It’s 2019 and the nuclear holocaust has hit so apparently there is that for us to look forward to. So in the future there are these guys called Templars who wear white armor and they ride around shooting things up and causing all kinds of bad news. Hey, never fear this bubble domed muscle car wearing guy named Scorpion will help. Does he sting people with his bottom? No afraid not, he has a gun and he does have this spiny blade thing that pops out of his car that he uses to slice and dice bad guys with. The One ( a glaring eyed goon) and Shadow (shag-mullet headed lunkhead) are the two higer ups with the Templars. Eventually Scorpion saves this woman, he cleans her up and their must be a hair salon nearby because her hair gets bigger as the movie goes along. Eventually Scorpion runs into some Templars who are trying to make a name for themselves so they attack him. He uses his, blades and his car to slice and dice cheap stand-in mannequins those foul beasts into bits. He rolls around with the newly acquired big haired woman in something that looks like a see through tent. At some point skinny headband wearing, crossbow toting Nadir (former NFL player and Blackploitation film star Fred Williamson) appears. Eventually he helps Scorpion plan to fight the Templars. They are defending a village of people wandering around in dirty clothes. Scorpion and Nadir are joined by a slingshot expert who looks to be around seven, but is voiced by someone about twice that age. The One rants about getting revenge and destruction and lack of plot devices or proper hygiene skills or something. Of course a big battle comes between Scorpion and his buds against the One, Shadow and the other Templar goodwads. Scorpion gets shot by the One and doesn’t even flinch. Turns out he’s wearing see through bubble armor over his bare chest-what a man! So the One runs like a coward, he may be the One but apparently he fights like number two. Nadir and the kid take care of all the lackeys. Meanwhile Shadow steps up and calls out Scorpion. He kills some innocents and talks a good game before Scorpion blasts his bad hair style off of him. Scorpion hops in his ride and takes off after the yellow the One and eventually kills him via giant metal corkscrew coming out of his car-don’t you hate when that happens? The villains are dispatched, the heroes have one and life isn’t so bad except for that whole living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland thing.


The negatives-This is one of many low budget Mad Max copies made in the 80’s. The effects are cheap, the acting ranges from okay to painfully bad. They tend to avoid physical fights for gun battles.

The positives-They throw a lot of cars, explosions and gunfights into this film. I give them a “B” for effort for trying add action to this thin little film. I was glad to see Fred Williamson. He’s not great, but he did have a certain presence that helped and on some copies and posters of this film he gets top billing even though as far as screen time goes he’s second as far as the top heroes go. It’s cheap and cheesy, but I found it to be fun enough for what it was. Just have you remote ready to fast forward past some slow parts.