Ten things I learned from Batman

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Back as far as 1981 it was announced that Warner Brothers would be doing a Batman movie. I remember reading the announcement in Starlog back then and was very excited. However over the next few years the film seemed to be changing writers and directors frequently and it was looking like it might not happen. Tim Burton was hired as the director in 1986 which was surprising as he was still a relative unknown. However in 1988 Beetlejuice became a hit and it was only then the Batman project was green lighted with Burton at the helm. They needed a real action hero to play Batman so they hired Beetlejuice himself Michael Keaton. Wait, what the? Burton pushed for him and he was cast, but many Batman fans were skeptical. In the summer 1989 it came out and it was huge hit. The film drew more on the darker image of Batman that come up in the late 1980’s in his comics. They took liberties, the film had a fair of humor, lots of action and great visuals for the time. It spawned several sequels, influence the 1992 cartoon as well as I dare say had an impact on the oh too short lived 1990 The Flash TV series. Batman still holds well today 25 plus years later. Oh, yeah and here’s a list for you.

1-Everyone should be scared of a masked bat dude.

2-The crooked cop is always the scruffiest guy in the bunch.

3-Don’t fool around with the mob leader’s woman.

4-If you are a superhero you have to try and talk deep and scary. Go ahead and try it.

5-Smilex isn’t as pleasant as it sounds.

6-Never trust a psycho who is giving away money, it’s a trap.

7-Parades aren’t always a good thing, sometime they can bring gaseus death.

8-A state of the art flying machine can be brought down by a hand gun with a long barrell.

9-Fighting in an old church bell tower is dangerous…if you are a bad guy.

10-Big time super villains can actually die.



Back when Tim Burton made good movies week


Tim Burton much like John Carpenter is one of those directors where I liked most of what he up until a point and then it was hit or miss or he really missed. Anyways this week will be about back when I liked his movies. A ten things I learned from Batman will likely happen tomorrow followed by reviews of PeeWee’s Big adventure and Beetlejuice plus maybe one other topic.