Pee Wee’s big adventure



Why would a guy call himself WeePee? Does that mean he can’t pee much so maybe he has some kind of bladder problem? Oh, wait it’s PeeWee…like that’s any better. PeeWee is a thirty some year dude who lives like he’s eight or so. He eats junk, does what he wants, obsesses over trivial things…okay that sounds like most adult guys before they get married and some even after that. Anyways back to the show. He loves his bike and it’s pretty cool. So fatty, rich type Francis tries to buy it from PeeWee to which of course he says no freakin’ way or something like that. Eventually the bike is stolen and Francis denies it, but yeah chubby face really did have it stolen but then tells the hired goon to get rid of the bike. A fortune teller lies and tells PeeWee his bike is at the Alamo. Wait, a fortune teller being dishonest? What is this world coming to?PeeWee takes off to Texas. This leads to boxcar mischief, rodeo shenanigans and biker gang run-in hi-jinks with all kinds or interesting and not so-interesting cameos popping up here and there. Then there’s unskilled dancing, a crash and time in the hospital. Who threw this mish mash pile of stuff together? Next you know they’ll find a way to send him to Hollywood…oh good gravy there they go sending him the Warner Brothers lot. He gets his bike back but not before causing havoc during a Twisted Sister video shoot, causing mischief on a Godzilla set and just all around messing stuff up. Eventually security nabs him and rush him to an executive who upon hearing his insane tale decides to do a remake   reboot an old franchise do a film version of PeeWee’s quest for his bike. PeeWee invites all the characters he met along the way to see the film. The film starts and shortly after PeeWee lives saying he doesn’t have to see it because he lived it. Roll those credits.


Yeah, that clown isn’t creepy at all.


You are not worthy, PeeWee

The negatives-There’s not much of  a story here and we know that, but if you were expecting one then you may be let down or you have no sense of humor.

The positives- This film is a fun and bright ride with lots of oddball humor, slapstick and or course cameos. It’s looks great as well with all the colors and interesting visuals. I loved the loved stop motion parts and wished there had been more. This is a strange film and it’s to meant to be, but I think it’s easily one of Burton’s best.

*nerd alert-My favorite cameo wasn’t a person, but a vehicle. When PeeWee is avoiding security in the WB lot look closely and you will see a visitor’s shuttlecraft from V. I was thrilled when I saw it!


Pay attention, Nimrod.


Even Mr. T is in this film only in cardboard form.