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I hope to wrap up my Tim Burton week with a review of Beetlejuice on Friday. For next week 80’s arcade games will be back as well as Robin’s Holy exclamations! I’m thinking It came from the bargain bin will make it’s way around too, but I’m not sure what film it will be. Here’s my new not so fancy logo for that feature.


I’ll likely review another film or two as well, but right now I have no idea what they will be.

Take care!

10 reasons the martians came to Earth according to Mars Attacks!

220px-Mars_attacks_ver1 600full-mars-attacks!-screenshot


This film is of course based on the 1960’s trading card set of the same name. The film has the plot and feel of an old B movie, but a then A list cast and good special effects. The movie is slim on plot yet full of action, humor and explosions. The stockpile of big names makes me think of the disaster films that Irwin Allen did in the 1970’s. It’s not up everyone’s alley and it took me a few viewings to really warm up to the movie. Here’s a list about it.

1-To set cows on fire.

2-To fry soldiers.

3-To kill off politicians.

4-To do weird experiments fusing human and animal body parts together.

5-To terrorize people with a giant robot.

6-To get punched in the head by Jim Brown.

7-To bowl over the statues on Easter Island

8-To have their picture taken in front of spectacular buildings (see number nine)

9-To blow up up spectacular buildings once they get their picture.

10-To have their heads explode courtesy of country music.