Galaxy Invader

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This meteor thing flashes by and eventually this kid finds and alien in  his basement. Some kids have all the luck all I had in my basement was cobwebs and spiders. The alien goes wondering around the countryside and scruffy drunk Joe shoots it causing the saggy green visitor from another world to drop what looks like a styrofoam ball. Joe snags and later whacks it in front of some others with similar IQ’s. The device produces a popping sound leding Joe to deduce that it is an alien weapon of great power and importance. Joe continues to wear his favorite non-flattering ripped white t-shirt as he recruits locals drunk rednecks to help him hunt for this critter er alien. All these guys are up some whoopin, hollarin and chasing an alien through a small area of woods so that’s what they do. They eventually capture this rubber suited monstrosity. Some people with good intentions but not so much sense free the alien. Joe continues to basically act like a rear end while yelling and bossing around everyone else. Plus he tries to rape a woman and he keeps wearing that horrid shirt. Eventually the remaining family members manage to knock Joe off a cliff and kill him. Wait wasn’t this supposed to be alien movie? Yes, I think so but hey roll the credits before they try and keep this thing going.

The negatives-Wait, I have to think about this film again? The acting is pretty poor all the way around. It ranges from overacting as far as it can go to being so wooden that I can’t distinguish the actors from the trees they are standing next to. The alien suit doesn’t look so bad in the shadows, but in full daylight it’s rubber nature is on full display. If you ever wanted to film an alien invasion movie watch this first to know what not to do.

The positives-Don Dohler made some really terrible movies, but he knew they were bad and went at it anyhow. Most of his film like this one were filmed in the county next to mine so the exteriors look very similar to where I live and I like that part. Dick Dyszel is in this one as Dr. Tracy and you may not know that name, but he was and still is Count Gore De Vol the horror host I grew up seeing. So even though this was a crap part in a crap film for him I still enjoyed seeing him trying to act in the kind of film he loved.

This will be a tough film for most people unless you are from central Maryland or love laughing at really bad monster films. Fortunately I fall into both those categories so i kind of liked this film and have actually made it through like 4-5 times.