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80’s arcade games-Rampage



Time to kick off giant monster week with a video game. I first played this game at an arcade in summer of 1987. I wasn’t playing video games that much at the time, but I couldn’t resist this one. You get to transform into a giant monster and destroy cities plus you get to fight those pesky military types. You can choose from a lizard wannabe Godzilla type called Lizzie, a King Kong copy called George or a giant werewolf called Ralph. I usually played as George. The rounds are complete when you destroy a city, but there are plenty of hazards including the army guys and their weapons, falling from a high building and eating non-food items. All of those things can drain your strength and make you revert back to a human. While eating food including people can replenish your strength so you can keep on destroying cities. Any fan of giant monsters would find some satisfaction in playing this game. It can get a little dull after a while as the idea is better than the actual game play. This game was fairly popular back then and has been released for many formats over the years and it had some sequels. The graphics are decent for the time. In the late 80’s I picked up a copy of it for my old Atari 2600 that was somehow still running and I played this game frequently then. I played it recently on an Xbox version with my kids and it’s still fun for a while. Although we all argue about who gets to be George. The film Wreck it Ralph is largely considered to have based it’s title character on Donkey Kong, but his actions in his game may have had some influence from these characters as well.



2 responses to “80’s arcade games-Rampage

  1. drhumpp

    Rampage is a to of fun to play with other people. Again, never played it in the arcade, but the NES port was a blast.

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