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It came from the bargain bin-Konga




Purchased at the Dollar Tree so yeah for one buck probably at least four years ago.

I tried to watch it once back then and lost interest so I never finished. This feature gave me reason to push onward and attempt see the whole thing.  It features Michael Gough (Horror of Dracula, Hammer’s The Phantom of the opera, Alfred from Tim Burton’s Batman and tons of other stuff), it’s a British monster film from a time when a lot of good horror was coming out of that area and it has a giant ape. So it has to be good..right? Eh..well.. that is to say no, not really. It kind of has elements of Frankenstein and King Kong, but unfortunately not much of a budget, script, personality or much else to keep it going. This botanist (Gough) has these crazy serums and plants going. He also has eyes for a young student and goes after he. Hey, hold your horses there this dude already has a lady. What a snake, just for that she giving growth serum to the chimp which turns it into a giant guy in a moth eaten monkey suit. Ew take that. The good news this does mean that the end of the film  is near and eventually the film does clunk to a finish. Roll the credits.

Normally all a giant ape movie has to do for me is have some action and destruction. The problem with this film is just how dull it is. There just isn’t enough going on to keep my interest. Some time a bad movie can be interesting in  it’s badness, but even to do that there needs to enough to laugh at and there wasn’t even much of that. It’s just one big bad monkey, dragging on and on snoozefest.

I’d have to say it wasn’t worth my dollar because I won’t be watching it again.



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7 responses to “It came from the bargain bin-Konga

  1. Reblogged this on Self…In The Making and commented:
    Sometimes the best things come from the bargain bin.

  2. I liked Konga, but I am usually biased towards giant ape movies as I love them so much.

  3. What a snoozer this one was. so Baaaad!

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