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Ten things I learned from King Kong Escapes

kkes kkeKK-2


1-Evil Japanese scientists don’t sound like  they are from Japan.

2-A mechanical Kong is very cool until it gets stuck.

3-King Kong looks like he could use some conditioner to smooth his hair down.

4-Dinosaurs can do standing drop kicks on a giant ape.

5-Giant sea serpents tend to look like a garden hose with a head.

6-Multiple helicopters all seem to fly in the same pattern.

7-Toy tanks are so cute.. I mean so dangerous.

8-Mechanical Kong makes quite a racket when he falls off a tower and smashes to bits on the ground.

9-The only Amercian dude in Japan stands out like a sore thumb.

10-King Kong can rip apart a ship like it was a cheap prop.

I first saw this one maybe two years ago and I like it more than most people. Despite the budget limitations and the corniness it’s still a lot of fun. There are plenty of monsters, fights, military vehicles and running around to keep one’s interest. I wished that they’d made a third King Kong film back then. I also wish that MechaKong had popped back up to challenge Godzilla or even better a MechaKong-MechaGodzilla team-up against Kong and Godzilla would have been very big fun indeed.



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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

4 responses to “Ten things I learned from King Kong Escapes

  1. drhumpp

    You gave me a good laugh. Thanks!

  2. Love the review! lol
    I love this movie, but again, that is my giant ape adoration shining through.

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