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The War of the gargantuas

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Ew.. a giant octopus attacks a guy on a boat, but a green square headed, shag carpet creature called a Gargantua shows up and beats up the octopus and then rattles the ship. Eventually the military and the required American lead and pretty leading lady are called in talk and fill in time in between monster appearances. The green gargantuan shows up and scares people away  from the airport. Aieeeee I be a scary monsters…ew run, run. Oh and he has this neato trick where he put a person in his mouth and then spit out the clothing. Hey, where did the person go? Oh, I get it. So the people have had enough of being terrorized and eaten and having their building ripped up so the military goes after this thingie. The humans give chase and let loose their weaponry kapow kapow! The gargantuan tries to flee, but the humans began shocking him. He’s on the ropes, he’s ready to go down, but wait what is this? Another gargantua! A brown one! He helps the green one get away. Now there should be more action right away..nope let’s talk about this and throw in some back story on the gargantuas. Eventually there’s more action and yes a showdown between the mean green gargantua and the nicer brown one. They wrestle in a swimming pool ocean and some fighter planes get involved. Eventually both monsters are gone for good and all is well because giant monster never bother Japan more than once…oh wait…strike that. Roll the credits.

The negatives-Like other Kaiju films of the time it has some silliness and some budget limitations.

The positives-The action is generally good for this style of film. The effects are good enough for the time and I think the colors and sets are quite decent. I like this one for a change from Godzilla, Mothra and their bunch as we get more humanoid monsters for a change.

I never saw this one until very recently, but I like it a lot and need to watch it again soon.



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4 responses to “The War of the gargantuas

  1. I reviewed this one back in December and thought it was all right. The costumes are absurd, but it was strangely entertaining.

  2. This is one of my fave Toho films. Great battle at the end. This is the sequel to Frankenstein Conquers the World, notice how both Gargantuas resemble hairy Frankensteins? Well Toho had the rights to use the Frankenstein name in the first film but Universal retracted the name usage for this sequel, so Gargantuas were born 🙂

    • Mark

      I knew it was a sequel, but have never seen Frankenstein conquers the world. In the late 70’s Toho briefly tried pitching a Godzilla vs. Gargantua film, but Godzilla films were out of style by that time so it never happened.

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