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The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires

kah Legend-of-the-7-Golden-Vampires-Van-Helsing-Peter-Cushing  thUWL11BP1 legend_of_seven_golden_vampires Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires Dracula rising



Hey let’s do a Dracula film with some martial arts action.

Sounds good.

We’ll have Dracula take over a Chinese man so he can travel to the East and cause trouble.

Okay, I’m with you.

While over there he will hook up with some ancient vampire warriors and take over the area.

That has some promise.

We’ll have Peter Cushing as Van Helsing.


His character will be speaking in China about vampires and a young man will talk Van Helsing into going with  him to fight the vampire warriors.

Alright, that could work.

The young man is a fighter and he has six brothers and a sister who are also warriors.

Alright I’m seeing the action falling into place.

Van Helsing and the brothers and one sister will travel to where the vampire warriors are.

Got it.

Then they’ll battle some baddies out in the hills to demonstrate their skills.


Then we’ll throw in some sitting around talking about very little.


The warriors will battle half the vampires in a cave.

I understand.

However the vampire warriors will be weaker than the goons that battled the warriors in the hills.


Of course they’ll be some mindless zombies to help the vampires.

I can sort of see that.

The zombies will walk slow and then come alive like dancing fools when they battle.

Uh.. that doesn’t make sense.

The good warriors win this battle.

Of course they do.

Then they fight the rest of the vampire warriors in town.

And then?

These vampire warriors will kill some of the good warriors?

That’s only fair.

The vampire warriors will then be beaten to a pulp by villagers with rakes.

What the?

Van Helsing will figure out that the Chinese guy is Dracula.

Oh, yeah Drac I almost forgot about him.

We’ll give Dracula horrible make-up and dub him.


Van Helsing will defeat the prince of darkness in like two seconds.

Wow, you really thought that one out.

Then we roll the credits and let the cash roll in.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on that last one.

The negatives- The idea of a vampire-martial arts film has promise, but this movie doesn’t do enough with either genre. The horror elements are not fleshed out enough and the martial arts action gets weaker with each fight scene. Peter Cushing is largely wasted after the first half of the films.

The positives-The scenery and sets are fairly well done. The first big fight scene is strong with a lot of action going on involving a large number of people. I like that each of the warrior brothers and the sister had either their own fighting style or weapon to set them apart.

Overall this is a film that had a decent idea, but it doesn’t do enough to make it work. They set up the story and then try to fill in the running time with uneven action and the same ideas over and over. It’s a shame because they’d tried just a little harder this could have been memorable.






4 responses to “The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires

  1. lol, that was good. I loved this film, corny as it might be.

  2. Mark

    Thanks. I first saw this one in the late 90’s and really wanted it to be great, but it’s just never clicked for me like most of Hammer’s Dracula films.

  3. Greg

    I first saw this film at a drive-in in the late 70s(?). Loved it. Thanks for reminding me ☺

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