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Wu Tang Magic Kick (The Mar’s Villa)

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Let’s pull out the old Kung Fu checklist sheet.

Character with fake  facial hair or eyebrows-Yep, there’s a 30 some year old guy with a fake stache and gigantic grey eyebrows made up to look like he’s 60.

Some kind of revenge in the plot-Yep, the bad guys lose to the hero so they want revenge on him. So they whoop him, steal his wife and run him off. So then he wants revenge on them once he gets back to his fighting form.

Bad dubbing-Oh, yeah. Check that off a few times.

Overdone sound effects on the kicks, hits and yells-Aieeeyah, crack, eeeeeiii, ker-smack, hiyaaaa, placcckkk-I’d say that’s a big yes.

Very obviously missed hits and kicks-Yes, I’d say the obvious misses outnumber  the passable fake kicks by 60-40 percent.

Terrible acting-Check, check, check although the main hero does okay.

A weapon that the baddies use, but they still get beat by a guy using just his body-Half a check. They use staffs and get their butts kicked most of the time but eventually enough of them wear down the hero with their sticks er staffs.

Lots of random fights breaking out pretty much anywhere-Oh, yeah at temples, at houses, at a martial arts school, on the roads so yes another check.

Rewinding the film as a special effect- Ah yes the old let’s have the fighters jump down and then later reverse the film to make it look they did an incredible jump back up. Yeah they did that twice in this film.

So this is a bit of a cut rate chop sockey film it does have positives. The hero John Liu has some incredible high kicks although mostly with his right leg. He puts on a good display with these kicks on numerous occasions. The son of the main baddie who looks like an Asian Shaun Cassidy is probably the second best martial artist in this film. He uses both legs, but seems to favor the left a little. He gives Liu the best fight of the film. There are lots of fights in this film, but they very from quite good down to very sloppy.

Overall this is a slightly better than average film for it’s genre, but I advise seeing it for John Liu’s kicks if nothing else.



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