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80’s arcade games-Star Wars

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This was a first person space simulator game that was released in the spring of 1983. It’s done in 3D but with basic colors. You take on the role of Luke Skywalker in an X wing fighter trying to blow up the Death Star. The control is a steering wheel type device that really adds to the game. You have shields on your ship and they get knocked out as you get hit and lose protection. The game also samples lines by actors from the film. I remember first playing this game shortly after it came out and it was definitely one of my favorite games in 1983. They had it at all of the arcades I went to as well as the bowling alley my dad played at. So I sure pumped some quarters into this one back then. Although I remember at the bowling alley the game was situated near lanes where a lot of the bowlers smoked a lot (yeah it was allowed back then). So I always associate this game with the smell of smoke. I never did get to play it in the sit down version as I never actually saw one. As a fan of the Star Wars movies and racing games like Pole Position and Turbo I really took to this game and actually became pretty decent at it back then.  I have not played this game probably since 1985 but I imagine it has held up well. There was a sequel The Empire strikes back in 1985, but it was largely offered as an upgrade in the same cabinet so businesses who were still making money off the original passed on doing an upgrade. If I were making a list of my top ten arcade games of the 80’s this game would likely make it.


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