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Star Trek-The Savage Curtain

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The Enterprise goes to the Excalbia to conduct a geological survey. Spock detects some life on the planet below which he says shouldn’t be. Then on screen an image of Abe Lincoln pops up -boing- and says he will be beaming aboard soon. The crew thinks this is either craziness or just another wacky third season script. Lincoln (who is Kirk’s hero) comes aboard the ship and seems real despite you know having been dead for centuries. He invites Kirk and Spock to go to the planet and they accept because there is lots of time left in the episode. When they beam down their phasers and tricorders don’t go with them. Don’t you hate when that happens? They run into Surak who created much of the way that people on Vulcan follow. He also is long dead so Spock greets him as “image of Surak”. Then a rock changes into an alien called Yarnek who says Kirk and their idols will be the good team and they will battle an evil team consisting of Genghis Khan (him we know), Colonel Green who lead a genocidal war in the 21st century, Kahless who started the Klingon Empire and Zora who did nasty experiments on tribes on another planet. Yarnek vanishes poof. Colonel Green talks to Kirk likes he’s a buddy, but hey he was supposedly known for doing this as a  distraction back in his day and yes the others attack. Kirk and his allies fend off the evil doers and they flee to fight again later. Kirk, Spock, Abe and Surak go find a place over by a paper mache rock and talk plans. Kirk, Spock and Abe begin making weapons. Meanwhile Surak wants to talk peace with the other side and eventually they let him go do his thing. Later they hear Surak’s voice calling for Spock and Spock says a Vulcan would not cry out like that. They still begin to battle the others and Abe tries to sneak to the other camp to free Surak. He finds him, but hey he’s dead…I mean dead again. Lincoln gets back to Kirk and Spock with a spear in his back and yeah he’s dead…again. So now it’s two against four, but the baddies are kind of cowards so when Kirk kills Green the others run away and the battle is over. Yarnek comes back and says hey the good didn’t fight any nicer than the baddies. Kirk says their motivation was different as they fought to save their ship and the other crewmembers while the rotten people were promised power. Yarnek says okey dokey and lets them go. Roll the credits.

The negatives-The plot is a bit basic as an alien wants to learn about good and bad so Kirk and Spock get to perform. As usual it seems like maybe this would have been a good chance to throw one of the lesser characters (Sulu, Uhura, Checkov) in and give them some more to do, but nope let’s just focus on Kirk and Spock.

The positives-To me the battle and the conclusion are not as important as what we learn about Kirk and Spock through their “heroes”. Seeing Abe and Surak and hearing their thoughts and seeing their actions in the situation shows us some of why Kirk and Spock respected these two individuals from history. To me that’s the thing that this episode did the best, it gave us at least a little more insight into Kirk and Spock. Also the villains other than Genghis Khan offered us a brief view into what horrors will happen in the future.

This isn’t a great episode nor is it a totally bad one. I think it’s an average one with some very decent parts. Plus it allows me to have a sci-fi offering to review for President’s Day.

4 responses to “Star Trek-The Savage Curtain

  1. Great review, I always enjoy watching STTOS, even the slightly average episodes. Haven’t seen this one in ages, think I’ll have to give it a rewatch soon .

  2. I haven’t watched TOS in a while, though I have seen them all about a dozen times. I think it is time to remedy that.

    • I have seen every episode too many times to count, but certainly some more than others. This one doesn’t do a lot in the story department, but it tries some in the character development category.

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