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It came from the bargin bin-Both Dr. Goldfoot films

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Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine/Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs

Purchased at Walmart for $5 around Halloween in 2012 I think. This was a I believe the first time that the second film was released on DVD here in the states. It’s a two a two film one disc kind of set with no extra and several other Vincent Price films were done by the same company at the same time. Just an FYI I saw both these films on TV recently and the prints on this DVD are way better than the ones on TV. I had seen the first film a few times before but had never seen the second one.

These are both essentially spoofs on James Bond/spy films however with Price being the featured performer they focus a bit more on the villain then the heroes. The films were made by American International right around the same time this company was making teen-beach-surf movies so the first film has some people that appeared in those same flicks. In the Bikini Machine we see Goldfoot (Price) making female robots to seduce rich guys and get control of their assets and assume power that way. A wannabe junior detective (Frankie Avalon) falls for a robot (Susan Hart) meant for a rich dude. Avalon realizes something is up and works to uncover what it is and stop Goldfoot. There’s lots of slapstick, sight gags and foolishness going on amidst music, dancing and Price hamming it up. It looks like Goldfoot is stopped at end after a wild chase, but they leave it open for a second film.

The second film pretends to follow up on the first as per the opening, but it’s awkward from the start. Only Price is back and the rest of the cast is different. The film was moved to Europe and given to director Mario Bava (Black Sunday, Black Sabbath and numerous other brilliant films). However Bava was going through a messy divorce at the time and this film really seems to suffer from lack of attention. Fabian takes over the Frankie Avalon type part, but most of the rest of the supporting cast are Italian which is fine except they gave major time to a pair of horribly unfunny comedians. These guys are so bad I just wanted to smack them and  say “you aren’t funny, get out of the picture”. This time Goldfoot is blowing up Generals with girls who explode in an attempt to take over the world. That’s no worse than the plot of the first film and Price and his lackeys try to be kind of entertaining. However as obvious and silly as the first film was at least it seemed to have been done with some effort. This movie particularly after about 20-30 minutes just falls apart and looks like it was made up as they went along. I like silly nonsense as much as the next person, but wow this movie is just plain painful down the stretch. Even the music isn’t as good as the first film

The positives-For the first film it’s Price, Hart, the music and a decent sense of keeping a balance between mindless humor and some kind of plot. The second film pretty much lacks all of the above except Price who does what he can. Also a lot of the outside locations on both films have some moments.

The negatives-The first film’s major flaw is this kind of silliness isn’t for everyone and of course it’s dated. The second film has a rotten script, two of the worst comedians I’ve ever seen and some horrible antics that have unfortunately been burned into my brain. Fortunately Maria Bava recovered and did some better films and Vince Price still had some good ones left in him as well.

So the question is was this set worth five bucks? Obviously it falls almost entirely on the first film. For me I’d say yes it’s just worth that amount. I like the silliness and can watch the first one once or twice a year. The second film is really bad but as a huge Vincent Price fan I am glad to finally see it.

There you go a case of a decent film making a DVD worth the price tag despite being paired with a stink bomb.


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4 responses to “It came from the bargin bin-Both Dr. Goldfoot films

  1. I have always wanted to see these, but you are right, this kind of humour is not for everyone and that includes me. I’ll get around to it someday, but am in no rush.

  2. Greg

    I remember them as Saturday afternoon tv watching ☺

    • Mark

      A lot of the first Vincent Price films I saw were on Saturday afternoons. However I think I saw the first Goldfoot film for the first time on AMC in the late 90’s.

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