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80’s arcade games-Marble Madness

MarbleMadnessArcadeGame1984SS3 Marble_Madness_-_ARC_-_USA



Who wants to pay money to play a game where you try to get marble through various ramps and mazes? If not then you’ve never played this oddly addictive little game that was released at the end of 1984. The designer of this game was influenced by racing games and miniature golf and modeled much of the shapes and curves of this game after those. The arcade version used a trackball to control the marble. Each level you get past leads you to a rougher level to navigate through and they add in moving objects like other marbles and spring like creatures that try to get you off track. If you roll off an edge you start over from where you were. There is a timer so you lose if you don’t finish the course in the allowed time frame. So steady fingers are a must. I never played this back in the day and only remember seeing ads for it. Apparently it did well in the arcades. In 1991 there was an attempt at a sequel but test audiences didn’t take to it and it was believed that more exciting fighting and shooting games were in fashion then so guiding a marble just wasn’t going to cut it. I played it recently on the Xbox so although I used buttons rather than a trackball I still enjoyed it quite a bit. The graphics are alright, the sounds are decent, but it’s the challenge of the whole thing that really draws you. While many other games of the day required speed and manipulating multiple buttons to do different tasks this game depends on patience, a light touch, an understanding of balance and the ability to move an object but look down the path as well. A pretty decent game that should not be forgotten by time.








Marble_Madness_-_1984_-_Atari Marble Madness Cabinetcarr


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2 responses to “80’s arcade games-Marble Madness

  1. This was a really frustrating and fun game. Eh, those were the days..

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