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Ten things I learned from Logan’s Run

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1-In the future knowing who your parents are is meaningless.

2-Watching people being pulled up in the air and exploded is a high form of entertainment.

3-If you have to put on a red and white suit and a creepy white mask sorry but you are about to meet the end.

4-Having a red marble on your hand is okay.

5-Having a flashing red marble means you are going to die.

6-A good time in the future will involve sitting around in a colored fog giggling.

7-In the future everyone skinny so they can be prepared to run away.

8-The way to escaping the city will involve lots of dirt and ripping your clothes.

9-If you meet a robot in an ice cave beware because he wants to turn you into a TV dinner.

10-There is such a thing as a crazy cat man.

The negatives-The plot is a bit messy at times.  There is a theme going on but once Logan and Jessica leaves the city it often feels like they are waiting around for time to pass rather than adding to the plot.

The positives- I love the miniature work. The music is cool as well. Dystopian sci-fi flicks had been in fad for most of the first half of the 70’s, but unlike some others this one offers some hope at the end. Despite the problems the cast had with the sandman blasters they are still one of my favorite sci-fi weapons of all time.

I often hear people say things about this film like “it’s dated”, “I like it, but it’s a guilty pleasure” or something snide. I do the last one, but I still like this film quite a bit. It has some flaws, but I like how they address a utopia with harsh rules and question it. This may be one of my favorite sci-fi film of the 1970’s.

Logan’s Run week uh… keeps running with two episodes of the Logans Run TV series over the next two days.


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

4 responses to “Ten things I learned from Logan’s Run

  1. Abbi ⋅

    I’ve seen this once when I was very, very stoned. All I remember is laughing for hours at the robot that looked like a cheese grater on wheels.

  2. Victor De Leon ⋅

    Ha! Awesome post. My favorite is hands down number 9, lol 🙂

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