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The Galileo seven

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A group of seven crewmembers lead by Spock are out in the Galileo shuttlecraft in a quaser like area when they run into trouble and crash land on a planet. They have ship problems and need to get rid of some weight and need repairs just to have a chance to get out of there. Good thing there aren’t any giant sword flinging goons on the planet to effect their chances of leaving-oh wait there are. Things start going wrong and rather quickly two crewmembers are killed by giants and they weren’t even redshirts. McCoy and sourpuss Lt. Boma ride Spock about things going badly. Spock and Scotty still try to figure out if they can get the ship off this rock or not. Meanwhile back on the Enterprise Kirk and the crew are trying to find Spock and the rest, but it’s tough and a sour butt  named Commissioner Farris is breathing down Kirk’s neck to take him to his destination if Kirk doesn’t locate the Galileo and it’s crew soon. With two people dead Spock and the rest are almost down to the weight they need to take off, but not quite. These giants aren’t going to make things easy so they attack the shuttle, but Spock has Scotty shock them and they get the ship off the ground. has Kirk leave because his searching time is up. The Enterprise is leaving and heading away from the planet. The shuttle doesn’t have enough fuel left to pursue very far so Spock jettisons it and the others freak out. However Spock didn’t just do it take a pretty blast, he was attempting to do it as a flare with the hope that someone on the ship would see it. Kirk and Sulu spot it and go to try and beam the shuttle crew back before the shuttle burns up. They get the five back on the ship. Kirk and McCoy try to get Spock to break and admit that he jettisoned the fuel in desperation as a burst of emotion, but he won’t admit it and the others have a laugh at his stubbornness wahahaha. Roll the credits.

The negatives-I didn’t care for Lt. Boma at all with how he rode Spock.

The positives-This is a great episode for Spock as he struggles to understand why his logical moves are failing and eventually he takes risks when he realizes logic isn’t always the answer. The story and action are strong. The planet sets are one of my favorite in the entire series.

A classic Trek episode and a top ten in my book.

3 responses to “The Galileo seven

  1. Something that occurred to me as I watched this episode was with Leonard Nimoy gone that means that Don Marshall (Lt. Boma) is the only one of the Galileo Seven shuttle crew members from this episode still alive.

  2. Indeed a classic episode and certainly a showcase for Leonard Nimoy as Spock!

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