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Ten things I learned about Count Dracula (AKA: Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula)

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1-Everyone gets all wide eyed and fearful if you say you are going to Castle Dracula.

2-Dracula doesn’t like to dust, but he does like having candles everywhere.

3-There’s lots of unused space at Dracula’s castle.

4-Dracula’s women like big poofy wigs.

5-When woman become undead they give up blue outfits for black.

6-Dracula gets younger and his hair gets less grey after he sucks blood from people. Sure beats coloring one’s hair.

7-Dracula can’t always travel in the fast lane so sometime he just has some gypsies carting his coffin around for him.

8-Dropping rocks on gypsies will make them stop with that Dracula worship/carting him around stuff.

9-Setting Dracula on fire is a perfectly okay solution to wrapping a film up.

10-If number nine doesn’t work then just shove the flaming box with Drac in it off a high wall.

Hack Director Jess Franco set out to make a Dracula film that was very much based on Stoker’s book. He signed up Christopher Lee as Dracula, Herbet Lom and Van Helsing and Klaus Kinski as Renfeld. All good choices although I don’t get why he made Renfeld mute. Even the other cast members are good enough. The sets and backgrounds very from decent up to outstanding. What doesn’t work is a script that seems underdone. While there are parts of the film that are more loyal to the book that doesn’t mean it’s better as some parts of the film take far too long to happen. Franco’s direction is frequently slow as he and the cameraman hope that long shots of people moving slowly will add to the mood…it doesn’t. Franco and Lee both expressed their displeasure over Hammer’s Dracula films for taking too many liberties with the character. However most Hammer films had action and enough going to keep one’s attention. This film largely misses on that last point which makes this film tough to make it through despite the cast and some nice visuals.




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