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House of Dracula

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Rather than go into a description I wanted to go at this one with lists of five negatives and five positives.


1-What this film lacked in plot it made up for in number of monsters.

2-The sets kept up the same high standard that Universal horrors has back then.

3-John Carradine had more screen time here than in the previous film and it helped.

4-With the exception of Lon Chaney Jr. the rest of the cast was pretty good in this one.

5-Although no Karloff Onslow Stevens gives a fine effort as the doctor.


1-Lon Chaney Jr. was more annoying than usual this time around.

2-While he really tried John Carradine was no substitute for Bela Lugosi.

3-If you watch this right after House of Frankenstein you’ll feel like this film would have been better if Boris Karloff in it (of course they would have had to have explained how he lived).

4-The Frankenstein monster was again mostly just a set piece.

5-The film starts well and finishes alright, but drags in the middle.

I like this film more than most people it seems. Some of the characters have more purpose than others, but overall they still to the feel and style of Universal’s horrors and it delivers.


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

2 responses to “House of Dracula

  1. To me, this film is just kinda’ for nostalgic entertainment, having all the monsters together, but when I want to see that I do prefer A&C Meet Frankenstein 🙂

  2. I agree, but I like most of the old Universals and always try to view them fairly often. Besides there’s no hunchback in A&C Meet Frankenstein.

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