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Monster Squad-The Astrologer

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Jonathan Harris as the Astrologer. He was in everything from the Twilight Zone to Bug’s Life, but you likely know him most as Dr. Smith from Lost in space.

James Gammon as Pollox. Gammon was a hard working character actor likely most known as manager Lou Brown in Major League.

Sandy McPeak as Castor. McPeak had over 100 credits and was in numerous shows and films such as Patton and Kelly’s Heroes.

Caren Kaye plays TV hose Mimi Falters. Kaye always seemed to end up in shows that didn’t last long. I remember her most as Jason Bateman’s mom in “It’s your move”.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss Frank Cady playing a farmer. You’ll know Cady most for having played store owner Sam Drucker on Green Acres.

TV personality the Astrologer is always wrong, but gets Walt and the Monster Squad nervous when he predicts a horrific earthquake. The villain and his hench dudes steal and old atomic bomb with the plan of causing an earthquake by detonating it. He thinks he will then make money from people paying him for his predictions. The squad get win of the plot and set out to stop it. Drac goes to find the bomb and Walt looks up to defuse a bomb. Bruce and Frank go to stop the Astrologer. Drac finds the bomb which will soon blow, but Walt walks him through the steps and they think they stop bomb but later it turns out it was a dud anyhow. The Astrologer is not only bad at predictions, but he is bad at fighting as well as even with a 3-2 advantage he and his guys get pounded by Frank and Bruce. The bad guys are stopped, the bomb is no longer a threat so roll the credits.

The negatives-The plot is fairly thin on this one.

The positives-Jonathan Harris is of course over the top which makes it funny.  Nothing special, but decent silliness.

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