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80’s arcade games-Missile Command



Missile are launched at your cities and your use a crosshair to target the missile and shoot them down before they destroy your cities. Sound simple? If you frequented arcades in the early 80’s then you know this game wasn’t that simple. It would get tough fast and you use your track ball and firing buttons to try and keep the enemy at bay and protect your cities. The graphics are very basic with a simple design and colors, but the challenge and the need for quick reflexes is what makes this game fun and memorable. This was a staple of early 80’s arcades and every time I saw a Missile Command game at an arcade around 81-82 there was someone playing it and at least one other person watching them. There was a prototype for a Missile Command 2 and stories go that is was put into an arcade in California, but it was never mass produced. I recently played the game online and with a trackball controller. I was expecting a mild interest due to nostalgia, but that was wiped out by having to act quickly to try to stop all those missiles hurling down at my cities. Yes, it was just as exciting and challenging as it was all those years ago. I think this is a game that youngsters may scoff at when seeing the graphics, but if they tried to play it I think they would quickly have respect for the difficulty level. Definitely a classic that has stood the test of time.



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2 responses to “80’s arcade games-Missile Command

  1. drhumpp

    This was one we had on the Atari 2600. I had fun with it.

  2. I had it on the 2600 too. One of the home versions of an arcade game that was actually pretty good.

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