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When dinosaurs ruled the earth


1970 (I’ve also seen 1971)

A tribe of people who live in the rocks look down on blond haired people, use them as slaves as sacrifice women to the sun. Yeah, not a good place to have fair hair. One such would be sacrifice victim Sanna manages to avoid death at the hands o f the crocodile mask wearing executioners and escape to the waters below. She is rescued by fishermen from another tribe who live on a beach. They take her back to say “look what we caught”, but everyone in this film only speaks a caveperson language. One of the guys that found her named Tara is taken with her and his brown haired girlfriend back at the beach becomes jealous. Around this time the beach people battle a seal like dinosaur and mange to defeat it-take that uh Sealosaurus. The jealous brown haired girl is mean to Sanna and they fight. Eventually the sour dudes who tried to sacrifice the blond show up looking for her, but she sees them first and takes off. They follow and one of them gets strangled by a snake and another gets killed by a Tricerotops-ew that’s what you get! Sanna gets part of her hair ripped off by a nasty fungus, but she survives by using her knife to make the mold bleed (!). She later becomes friends with a big, spikey dinosaur mother and her baby. Tara and some friends return from a fishing trip and he can’t believe Sanna is gone. So he ignores his-former brown haired girlfriend and goes after Sanna. He finds her and her dino friends, but unfortunately others see him. He is later tied up for conspiring with a blond. The sun is acting wacky and most people think it has to do with Sanna living rather than having been sacrificed. Tara escapes and goes back to Sanna. There is a guy fighting a pterodactyl around this time just because they could do it I guess. Eventually Tara and Sanna are both brought to the beach to be killed. However the weather is going crazy. Oh, wait it’s been a while since we’ve had any monsters so cue up the stop motion crabs-pinchy pinchy. The ocean is acting up so a lot of people are grabbing boats hoping to ride out the wild waves (what the?). The crazy head of the rock people tries to stop Tara and Sanna, but they knock him back. Then Mr. Crazy tries to stop a giant wave with his hands, but the giant wave wins that round-kersplash. Tara, Sanna and their friends ride out the wave until it stops. Then the moon makes it first appearance and I guess the world has changed for the better-roll the credits.

The negatives-I like all the dinosaurs except the part where they try to pass off a real lizard as a giant dinosaur. I hate when films do that. I also got annoyed by the use of a jungle set like it’s in the middle of the rocky exteriors.

The positives- The stop motion dinosaurs are all pretty cool. The locations (Canary Islands) are mostly fantastic. I overall liked the costumes, the beach village and the boats. The cave language is hard to follow at first, but after a while you’ll get it.

I first saw this film on AMC back in the 90’s and liked it right away. It’s different for sure, but the dinosaurs and the fairly steady action make it worthwhile. Hammer made a few films like this and I like this one the best. Hammer fans are often split on WDRTE, but I definitely count myself as a fan of it.



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6 responses to “When dinosaurs ruled the earth

  1. Glad I’m not alone in my opinion.

  2. Abbi ⋅

    This sounds utterly bonkers!

  3. One of my Favorites! 🙂

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