Ten things I learned from Jurassic Park 3

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1-Don’t go parasailing near a dinosaur infested island-bad idea.

2-Don’t trust mercenaries that you hired off some ad.

3-If you are getting paid for something that sounds funny then get your payment in cash instead of a worthless check.

4-Yelling out loud for someone on a dinosaur infested island is never a good idea.

5-Every boy seems to have read Dr. Grant’s books.

6-Stealing Raptor eggs can be both bad and good at the same time, who knew?

7-If you enter a big birdcage then you may run into big birds or pterodons.

8-If you dig in dino poo you will eventually find what you are looking for.

9-Taking swimming lessons will help you lose weight and prepare you for fighting dinosaurs.

10-It’s always good to have a friend that will call in the in the military to get you off a dinosaur infested island.


The negatives-This film has any many annoying characters as it does good ones. Too many actions or pieces seem to fall in to place so easily in this film.

The positives-Overall I liked the dinosaurs and the action of this film. The return of Sam Neil as Dr. Grant was a huge plus. The settings as with all the films were strong.

I may be in the minority but I liked this film and I actually like it better than the second film.