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Peep Show

My kids had been asking to go to the local Peep show for a few years and somehow we just never got around to it. Local people build sculptures or do artwork out of or about marshmallow Peeps. To get into the show is free at the local Arts Council, but you can buy chips to vote for piece for a dollar and you can buy Peeps snacks and other Peeps items as well. I told my wife she should take the kids in the middle of the week, but she wanted to wait until I was off and could go to. That was Good Friday and I told her I thought it would be mobbed that day and she said “oh people will have other things to do”. Well it was mobbed, the line was out the door around the corner and back to the end of the building. My wife mentioned coming back on Saturday and I said no we are let’s stick it out. It was about a 20-25 minute wait to get in and I think the staff (mostly volunteers) were a bit overwhelmed, but the displays were pretty cool. One large room downstairs and several rooms upstairs.


Curous George-My daughter’s favorite because she loves monkeys.


Edgar Peepin’ Poe-My wife liked this one.



My daughter the bunny.


MandM’s made out of Peeps.

I post more pictures tomorrow if I get a chance.


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

2 responses to “Peep Show

  1. Abbi ⋅

    I have to admit that I envisaged something very different when you said peep show…

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