80’s arcade games-Bubbles

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Here’s an odd concept that actually worked out. You are a bubble in a sink, a very crowded sink at times. You have to pick up grease spots, ants and other stuff while avoiding the brushes and sponges. Unless you power up and your bubble gets facial features then you can bump the sponge or brush. There is also a razor blade and roaches to avoid. Each level gets tougher as you go along. The game is kind of like Pac-Man without the maze which makes maneuvering somewhat more difficult. The whole game idea seems silly at first, but the playing isn’t easy so the challenge keeps you fixed on it. Critics were split on it and it wasn’t a huge hit but it did make an impression. I never played it back then but saw it, but when I had limited quarters I chose games like Wizard of Wor and Defender over something called Bubbles. Playing it now I really enjoy it wish I had played it some back then. My kids enjoy it as well.