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It came from the bargain bin-Gotham City Serials



Batman-1943-3 Batman-and-Robin-1949

1943,1949 and 2014 for the DVD

Purchased at Wal-mart for $5 back in the fall.

This is the 1943 Batman and the 1949 Batman and Robin serial. Both are 15 chapters each and the set runs a whopping 524 minutes. Batman was made of course while WW2 was going on so not so surprisingly the villain is supposed to be Japanese. There are racist ideas by today’s standards. Like many serials of the day our heroes seem to face every type of peril you can think of along the way. This Batman wasn’t the butt-kicker we are used to in more recent films, hey he was a dude in a suit lighten up. Robin in this one is more boy than wonder.

Batman and Robin features different actors. We get the Wizard as a villain. In many ways this film feels like plenty of other serials from the time with typical traps and action. Then again the Batman comic at the time was more about our heroes fighting more common villains than super ones. The acting and action are better in this one. Still no Batmobile though although their car is an upgrade from the one used in the first serial.

The negatives-It’s a Mill Creek release and these are from the 40’s so of course the quality isn’t spectacular, but it’s good enough. Given the time it was made and the length there are slow moments in these films. If you only know Batman from the last couple of decades then these versions may not be what you are looking for.

The positives-It’s a lot of material for a low price. When these serials first came out individually years back they were certainly more than $5 a piece. In comparison with other serials of the time I’d say the first one is towards the middle but the second one would be closer to the top. I was glad to finally see these versions of Batman.

Was it worth the price? That much Batman for five bucks? Yes, it’s definitely worth the price.

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