70’s arcade games – Lunar Lander

1332512-lunarlander_cab llc LunarLander2 lunar-lander-flyer


Shooting aliens or objects in space seemed to be all the rage in the late 70’s as games like Space Invaders, Asteroids and Galaxian were taking plenty of quarters. Atari made another game that didn’t have nearly the impact in the arcades. However Lunar Lander had a cool look and was a fair challenge back in the day. I had the pleasure of playing it a time or two in a mall arcade back in 79 or 80. I only went to that arcade a couple of times and the pinball machines still outnumbered the video games at that time. However I remember being drawn in by this big clunky case and the simple graphics. I probably would have lasted longer putting the quarter in a pinball machine, but hey this was the chance to land a space ship so how could I resist. I probably spent more time playing home computer versions of this game in the early 80’s at various computer stores than I did playing this arcade game. Still my few brushes with this game left an impression on me. I also love how the control panel looks like a 70’s sci-fi version of  spaceship controls complete with orange and brown. The 80’s may have seen the explosion of arcade games, but the 70’s had it’s share of games that lead to that explosion.