Ten cool things about Battlestar Gallactica

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If you have to ask which Battlestar Gallactica then slap yourself now.

1-At the time it came on there not been any other sci-fi show quite like it.

2-The ships were fantastic.

3-The Egyptian inspired space helmets looked great.

4-I wouldn’t have thought brown and tan would look good but hey it did.

5-Cool blasters.

6-Triad combined basketball and hand ball and it looked fun.

7-Not since Star Trek had anyone landed on such awesome planets (gunfighters, ice worlds and more)

8-Cylons, they great even they got beat so easily.

9-This show made sour Star Wars fans cry and scream “boohoo they copied my movie”.

10-They cussed. If you don’t believe me then frak you and eat felgercarb.