The end


I had planned on writing this week, but since I started another easier to keep up with blog and with other things in my life are requiring my time I’ve decided to end this blog. My original goals when I started this blog were to review horror and sci-fi films and movies I had not seen and to have fun with blogging again. Over the last two and almost a half years I feel that I have done that. Recently I have felt myself pressed for time with writing and TV watching so reviews have not flowed like they once did. I think my new blog will allow to write, but since the format will be shorter posts I can keep up with it better. Again the new blog is

I will still try to stop by your blogs and comment. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read and comment on my foolishness. I may come back to this blog some time when I feel like I can commit the time to it. Right now I could see myself stopping for a few months but returning for October to knock out a month’s worth of Halloween stuff.  Again thank you for supporting this blog, I have really enjoyed it.