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Star Wars and stuff


Here are some pics from a recent program at one of the bigger libraries in our county ( I work at one of the medium sized ones). That’s my daughter with R2 and me with a stormtrooper. My son was too shy to pose with a character, but we took a picture of him playing a game at the library. The doodle was something my wife did. Yes we are looking forward to the new film.

le pl r2 r2h st

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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

6 responses to “Star Wars and stuff

  1. Wow, great Star Wars event and costumes, that R2 unit looks really good!

    • It was cool. The R2 is remote controlled and makes sounds and plays music as well as moving and spinning. I’ve seen this one before and the last time the owner had a control the size of an Xbox controller, but this time he was doing it all with a controller that fit in one hand. A lot of little kids were getting their picture made with R2, but they were scared of the storm trooper even more than they were of Darth Vader (who was every bit of six foot four).

  2. abbiosbiston ⋅

    That is so cool!

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